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Médiacité (Bd. Raymond Poincaré 7, Liège) – a multi-functional complex combining commerce, leisure, culture, media and economic activity, Médiacité has achieved the tremendous feat of making the old deprived Liège district of Longdoz an attractive place to visit, and it has attracted 5.3 million customers and visitors the first year. There are currently 124 shops […]



Atomium (Square de l’Atomium, Brussels) — Built for the 1958 World Fair, the Atomium represents a molecule’s nine atoms – magnified 165 billion times. Something of a symbol of the city, it provides a panoramic view of Brussels and its surroundings. The 9 spheres that make up the “atom” are linked by escalators. The Atomium […]


About Belguim

Belgium is located in northwest Europe – sharing borders with France, Netherlands, Germany, and Luxembourg. Even though the country goes as far back as the Roman era, when that empire annexed that country as “Gallia Belgica” (a northern extension of Gaul – ancient France), Belgium as an independent country didn’t actually come into existence until […]


Bistro Kok au Vin

Bistro Kok au Vin (Ezelstraat 19/21, Brugge) – this restaurant is near the town’s central square, and serves a variety of items – from garlic & onion soup, to pumpkin risotto. Popular with both locals and tourists.



TAXI (Brussels) – taxis in Brussels can be easily found throughout much of the city.   Belgian Railways Railcard – it is about €85/£75 or so and is good for 10 single journeys between any two stations in Belgium.



Archiduc (Rue A. Dansaert 6, Brussels) – this is an Art Deco bar that is home to artists and hosts many concerts, especially during fall & winter. Saturday’s “Jazz After Shopping” and Sunday’s “Round About Five”, both from 5-7 pm.